Saturday, September 19, 2009

Successful Saturday

It has been such a productive Saturday!
I started out my day with an Entertainment workshop until noon. Then, I went out to lunch with Ellen. Love her SO much! After we got back to school, I started working on my Advertising Portfolio for class. Yes, part of my homework is to look through magazines... today's poison was InStyle and Vanity Fair. Love.
I then started working on the box for the registration forms for our St. Jude fundraiser. Pretty cute right?!

I ran 2 miles tonight at the gym! Hopefully Mere and I will be ready for our 5K that's coming up! So far we've only run on the treadmill... I wonder how big of a transition it'll be to run outside... Hmmm.

Well, after such a productive day, I'm exhausted! Off to bed early tonight!! xoxo, E

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