Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's all about the confidence...

Are you confident? Are you confident that you are not confident?

I was standing in the hallway talking to my neighbors Friday night about how I do not think I could have an intelligent conversation with them about politics. Two of them are in the process of taking their LSAT... yeah right! Like I have a shot at that one! Anyway, one of the guys says, "But E, you are so confident. You are even confident as you tell us that you are not confident in discussing politics!" It's true, I do come across as a confident person, but I know my limits. LOL

Confidence can get you anywhere you want to go. Prime example: When Momma and I were in Milan this summer, we got off the train and had NO CLUE where to go. We wandered for a few moments and walked past a nice hotel. We decided to go inside and ask the concierge for directions. We waited for him to finish up with a guest, then we stepped up to the counter. After chatting for a few moments, he pulled out a map and showed us exactly where to go. He even went as far as to tell us which landmarks to visit, in addition to our original request of how to get to the shopping district. After we finished getting directions we asked, "Oh! And where is the bathroom here in the lobby?" After we made our pit-stop we walked back through the lobby to leave. He called after us, "see you ladies in a bit!" He totally thought we were guests in the hotel. Our confidence served us well! Oh, and we definitely made a pre-train pit-stop back at the same hotel.

Confidence is everything!
I will be confident, and pretending to be confident, for the next month and a half in the various events and jobs that are quickly approaching. xoxo, E

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