Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pearls?! Yes Please!!

I love pearls... especially when they are costume jewelry!! I am a nervous wreck whenever I wear my real strand... No last minute hairspray or spritz of perfume for me... and if you know me, I am a total last minute spray and spritz kind of girl.
But ANYWAY, I am really into layering my jewelry right now... I'm dying to get some new pearl pieces to experiment with!
Love the layered necklaces!
And the chunky pearl bracelets!
Jewelry is such a fun way to dress up a casual look and is so fun to experiment with!! Go crazy today; pair up a couple of pieces that you've never worn together!! xoxo, E


  1. Oh yes, please! Now that fall is upon it's a great time to add more layers! ;)

  2. aw, i should have sold you some at mere's party! ;) i didn't know you loved it so much! i've been having fun layering my jewelry lately too!