Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcome to the Oklahoma State Fair!!

I went to my first state fair today!! And I've also checked another item off the senior year bucket list!

My friend Ellen and I dashed off to the State Fair today and had an absolute BLAST! What an adventure! We had to do some major off-roading to park the car. I'm so proud of Ellen for being able to drive with all the laughing that was going on in her car! After much ado, we arrived!
The first sight (and smell) you reach upon entering the fair was the petting zoo. Of course we went inside. I really want to visit Australia and Egypt, but I feel that now it's not such a necessity (kidding). We saw a kangaroo and gigantic turtle in the same cage... awkward.
Then, there was a GIGANTIC camel! You could also go on a camel ride at the fair. It was crazy!!
This was the CRAZIEST food booth. They take huge husks of corn and dunk them in a vat of butter... I felt my arteries clogging as we walked by.
I took the suggestion of some friends and tried a deep fried Oreo. YUM-O!
I think our favorite part of the Okie State Fair was the pig race!
Ellen and I were both expecting ugly potbelly pigs, but we were so surprised when 6 week old piglets raced! They were SO cute!!
Then they brought out Swifty. He was the tiniest pig I have ever seen in my life! He swam across the little pool and then started SQUEALING when they took him out of the water. Poor little guy.
The final event was a Big 12 Conference race. The OU pig won by a landslide. The OSU and UT pigs were lazy and were not as motivated to make it to the Oreos at the finish line. SO funny!
After we hit all the booths outside, we went inside the Pavilion and had some fun free samples. There was a popcorn stand with a HUGE variety of flavored popcorns. I was safe and got Carmel... Ellen got the Banana popcorn sample, it was a little weird, not going to lie.
I tried a Peach Bellini Slushie and it was SO yummy!! Yay for being 21!! Haha.
Tonight is the roomie's big show! SO excited to hang out with Ellen some more!! :)
xoxo, E

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  1. Hi love!!! So sorry I've been a bad bloggy friend and MIA lately- just needed a little time off! But SO happy to be back and reading fabulous blogs- especially yours! Looks like the fair was so much fun! Have a great Sunday :) XO