Friday, March 20, 2009

A brief moment of nostalgia

I did not bring my laptop home with me over spring break; this is probably the first time I have EVER left it school. It has been weird checking my email/facebook/blog/life strictly via my iPhone. I was sitting at our home computer tonight writing thank you notes and decided to look at some "old" pics on the comp... I came across these pics of me and "my girls." 

I absolutely love my new major (Entertainment Business) and know I made the right choice in my switch (from Dance Pedagogy), but I miss seeing these girls every day (in every class, LOL) and laughing with them. Thank goodness I have pictures like these to make me smile and remind me of some of those crazy moments in Ballet Ped. :)

What would we do without pictures?!
For those that do not know, this was the day I had to teach a ballet class to my "5-7 year olds" (aka college juniors pretending to be 5-7 year olds) They are such good students :)

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