Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Show Week" - Day Two

Last night was the second night of tech. We set another record: The run of Act 2 was done by 9pm... say what?! It was great. We broke down the sound equipment and were out of the theatre by 11pm. The dancers still had work to do, but our night was through. :)
I know I said it before but I love my job!! Last night was a great night of running sound with Jenna and Dean Bedford :) Our call-time was 4pm again, but after only 30 minutes, we were done with the setup. We were dismissed until 7pm. Who knew that 2 and a half hours could be such a gift?! I used that time to work on some homework that's due after spring break. 
But anyway, back to the great night of running sound... We got to hear sooooo many great stories about when Dean Bedford was in the Navy and best of all, the story of how he and Jo met!! What a romantic, adorable story!! I cannot wait for tonight when we will undoubtedly get to hear more amazing tales!! Happy Wednesday!
p.s. tomorrow is Daddy's birthday!! :)

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