Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today is my Daddy's ::cough cough:: birthday!!! I won't tell the world (or the few people that read my blog) how OLD you are Daddy :) A couple of weeks ago, I said that I could never sum-up Momma with pictures. I do not think I can sum-up Daddy with words, but I'm going to write some anyway :) 

My Daddy Is... 
A Go-Go Gadget Man
A Reader
A Provider
A Proud Father
One-of-two key players that make up my Support System
A Motivator
Everyone's favorite pilot... seriously, every crew member I have ever met that knows my daddy raves about how great he is to work with!
Honest, Responsible, Giving, Loving, Empathetic
The one I run to when I am sick
A Hard-Worker
A Proof-reader
A Bank (LOL)

Things that remind me of my Daddy:
-Bob Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses"
-The Eagles' "Hotel California" (my first concert?)
-Pizza Hut (we would go out for a date after Wednesday Night dance class. We have since moved on to dates at Red Robin and The Palm)
-Golf Carts (He always let me drive)
-The pool at Bluebeard's Castle in St. Thomas (He always played with me in the water)
-My tire air-pressure gauge (every time I see it I think one of two things, either "Daddy put that in my car for me to use. I probably should" OR "Daddy would be SO proud of me!! I am actually using this thing!!"
-Sunglasses (for three reasons... go with me on this one)
1. He used to say that when I was little, he would talk to me when he had his sunglasses on, and it seemed like I wasn't giving him my full attention... I was too busy looking at myself in his reflective "90s-style" sunglasses.
2. When I was little I would put on those SAME reflective sunglasses and be the drama-queen I am. He was an enabler of this behavior though, he would always say, "You're beautiful baby, you're beautiful."
3. Finally, my middle school drama-queen years were filled with an obsession of sliding my sunglasses to the edge of my nose and pretending that I was Audrey Hepburn. Once again, as an enabler, he would call me "Audrey." :)
Speaking of Miss Audrey, most of my Audrey Hepburn paraphernalia has been a gift from my Daddy. So, needless to say, whenever I see something new with Audrey on it, Daddy is the first one I think to tell. :)

Happy 58th (oops... I spilled the beans!) Birthday Daddy!! See you in three days!!

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  1. What a sweet tribute! We call my dad MacGyver, so a few of these reminded me of him. Love the part abt your car... I still check my tires before pulling up in front my parent's house bc I know he's going to notice. I think I'm gonna go call him! Thanks for the daddy-warm-fuzzies. Happy birthday to yours and have a good day!

    (Going to go check out the rest of your blog now.)