Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I was a materialistic child...

When I was little I wanted three things. Well, at least these are the three things that stick out in our memories...
1. I wanted a mini-van with sliding doors on BOTH sides. My mom told me time and time again that my tastes would change by the time I was sixteen. I was sure this was NOT true, thank goodness it was!! yikes!
2. I wanted to own my very on Walmart so that I could have all the toys I wanted. (materialistic much?!)
3. I wanted a 10-story house. (I promise my parents did not raise a materialistic child! I think it was a phase!)

Well, after a few years of being rather embarrassed by my childhood dreams, I have finally figured out why I wanted the 10-story house, and how some of that desire is still within me :( Look at all of these amazing rooms/closet spaces/office spaces/craft rooms/overall bliss! I love them and have realized that I would need a 10-story house to incorporate them all!
Oh man, maybe that (slightly) materialistic little girl still lives inside me... 
p.s. I've been spending a lot of time on the websites for IKEA, Domino, and The Container Store. If one of these photos is from your blog, Thank You! I cannot remember where exactly these photos are from :)


  1. That office area is EXACTLY you.. I can picture you sitting there! :)

  2. Cute story, Elizabeth.

    I love those photos, too [I think the bottom left image is c/o Made by Girl].