Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Rundown...

Spring break was AH-MAZING!! Here's the rundown of my week of bliss at home :)
Sunday: I arrived around 3pm and was whisked off to M5 to have a fabulous late lunch with my parents. Yum-O! Had some fabulous Salmon and got my Easter gift: an ADORABLE green/brown bag and a new book :)
Monday: Momma and I started our day early at "On A String." Such an adorable bead shoppe, and I made a new necklace! We then went off to NoFo on Liz and had our favorite salad. Yum-o! We then headed home because Momma had to tutor, and I worked on, and finished, my Entertainment Tech project (for those of you that know the immense amount of work involved, mine totaled to 11 pages! whew!) I also got to visit sweet Stella and Ruthie (and Jeff and Casey, too) I love spending time with little ones! Stella showed "Miss Elizabeth" how high she could jump on her bed and Ruthie was a little chatter-box :) I also love the funny things they think of, for example: We were standing around in the kitchen when Stella looked up to Casey and said, "Mommy, does Miss Elizabeth have a belly button?" I almost died! :) So precious! The rest of Monday involved catching up on "24" and watching the new episode. I seriously think that show spikes my anxiety levels, but I LOVE it!!
Tuesday: Momma and I went to High Point to have lunch with Nanny and visit with Uncle Geoff, Tina, and Aniston. I was so excited to shop at Your Team Store and Uncle Geoff designed me a custom made OCU shirt! Woo hoo!! Momma also got a cupcake flower to celebrate her birthday... omg... all the icing :) Gotta love Sweet Shoppe Bakery!
Wednesday-Friday: We hopped on the road and drove down to Charleston for a few days. Had so much fun shopping and enjoying some yummy seafood!! If you get to Charleston you must go to Magnolias. Momma had Tomato soup, I had the trio of grits, YUM! And Momma and I split an appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes EXTRA-YUM! We also went by the cupcake place I wanted to visit and they were SO good! I had the Red Velvet cupcake (pictured in an earlier post) and the Black and White cupcake. The shopping was FAB as well! I got two adorable dresses, a new flower headband, and an adorable cupcake luggage tag! And, you can't go to Charleston without picking up some of the homemade pralines. OMG YUM!
We got back into town Friday night and Momma hit the hay early. I watched "Failure to Launch" and Daddy joined me for the last hour or so of the movie. :)
Saturday: Daddy had to drive to a meeting in Winston-Salem so Momma and I went to see "Duplicity." We also caught up on our TV shows that we missed while in Charleston: Damages and Trust Me
Dooms-day (I mean Sunday): I flew out at 12:25, hung out in the Chicago airport for 5 hours (eek!!), and got back to OKC around 9pm. Long, tiring day... back to school :(
Summary: I had an AMAZING break and wish I could be back home, but unfortunately education calls... boo school!

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