Thursday, March 5, 2009

Patience is a virtue I learned while working at the Crew

I have a good job... and a great discount. I love working for a company whose clothes I'm obsessed with. There are many perks to the job... Working the 8pm-2am rollout shift was hard, but I got to see all of the new clothing items before anyone else (perk #1). I get paid to help people pick out clothing (perk #2). And as I said before, I get an AMAZING discount (perk #3). 

However, allow me to be "johnny rain-cloud" for a moment and express some of the pains... I hate hanging up/putting away my own clothes, much less the mammoth clothing monstrosity someone left in the dressing room (pain #1). I have to deal with people that are not nice. Is it really so hard to smile and say "thank you?" (pain #2). That's all I can think of right now.

I have been practicing patience recently, and last night, I mastered it (even if only momentarily). I walked into work a bit overwhelmed with schoolwork, and I was losing my fight with a serious case of spring fever. I began to re-hang and fold at least one hundred items of clothing left in the dressing rooms (I promise, I'm not exaggerating, it took 2 hours to finish the task). As I stood there completely overwhelmed, a fellow associate walked over and said, "Hey, did you see the 75% off list?" My head snapped up, "I'm sorry what now?!" My day was looking up! J.Crew issued a list of select items in the store that were marked down 75% for employees until Sunday. I was engrossed in my task and resolved that I would merely glance at the list later... I didn't need to spend any more money. Fast-forward 2 hours... I finally get a chance to look at the 75% off list, and there it was... the jacket I had been holding out for... It was 75% off! My waiting had not be in vain!! I rushed to the clothing rack, grabbed the jacket in my size, and swiped my credit card.

By saying "No" and waiting a few weeks, I got the jacket 75% off. Patience is a virtue I learned while working at the Crew!! :)


  1. That's my girl!! Keep saving your money by shopping sales!!

  2. Oh, wow! Good work. I HATE folding/hanging up clothes too! I used to work at a small clothing boutique in Chicago and would do anything to avoid the task--t-shirts are the worst!