Friday, March 6, 2009

iTunes... a source of joy

You're driving along listening to the radio, a song comes on, and FLASH-- a memory goes whizzing through your mind. Has this ever happened to you? 

Certain songs may remind you of events, places, people, or times. My mom identifies songs with certain times of her life. It amazes me how she can say, "This song came out my freshman year of college." My response is usually, "How do you remember that?!" I identify music with certain people... I hear any ABBA song or "Butterfly Kisses" and I think of my Daddy... When "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by the FOUR SEASONS comes on, I think of my Momma. We made up a little dance to the horn section of the song. Even if I'm in public, I'm doing that dance in my head. :) The Pointer Sisters' "Jump" makes me think of my best friend Meredith. We took a road trip to Dallas and everytime the word "jump" was said in the song, we would jump in our seats... Not the safest thing, but boy was it fun :) Certain songs make me think of the amazing years I had at Fancy Feet Dance Studio: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," "If You Could Read My Mind," any Motown song... Well, the list goes on and on...

I'm suffering from MAJOR spring fever, so yesterday I listened to every CAROLINA song, or every song that makes me think of home, that I could think of. James Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind" and General Johnson and the Chairman of the Board's "Carolina Girls" and "I'd Rather Be In Carolina." It was great. I mentioned this to a group of friends before walking into a class and they all said, "We can tell... your accent is MAJORLY coming out!" :)

What kinds of associations do you make with music? And what cures your spring fever ailments? 8 Days until Spring Break!!


  1. I typically associate my music with a time period and groups of people... I vividly remember songs that were played at school dances and I could probably tell you who I was with :)

    As for spring fever.. I love to just stand outside and let the sun hit my skin and then take a nice deep breath and then I'm pretty good for a while... I am loving this weather.. and so sad that in a few days it will be "cold" again... silly Oklahoma...

  2. Music makes me think of persons, places, and things... honestly, I have a song for everything and almost everyone I know. It's quite funny.

    My spring fever is usually cured by listening to bob marley, earth, wind, and fire, or the beach boys. I also buy myself bright flowers and take walks whenever it's sunny out [even if it's below zero out].

    Two more weeks until it's officially SPRING!