Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning... well, kind of...

Today was one of those days where I woke up and immediately pulled the covers over my eyes... WAIT! The sun is out?! Hooray!!! As much as my eyes did not appreciate the sun, I certainly did! After days of rain, gloom, cold and snow, I was THRILLED to open my blinds to let the sun shine in! What a gorgeous day in OKC! It's days like today that make it hard, well harder, to hate (rephrase: dislike) Oklahoma. 

After working on some homework this morning I decided it was time for spring cleaning... well, I don't know if you can call it cleaning when no pledge wipes, swiffer sweepers, or cleaning of any kind takes place... Okay, let's call it spring release... Yes, that's better :)

The criteria: If I have not used something in the past month (or year! eek!), it holds little-to-no monetary value, or it is just taking up space, it gets pitched. I have so much more room in my desk now! I also went through my school notebooks, pulled out any unnecessary papers and filed them in a different notebook; one that I do not have to lug around with me. Whew, it feels so good to get rid of all of the "stuff" in my life. 

Why was it necessary to do this cleansing today? Well, the best way to put it is I needed to get my mind off the extreme homesickness I am battling. However, it is not the usual strain of homesickness... It's the kind that comes with the realization that I do not know when I will go home again (and not merely be a visitor for a few days). I am so excited for all of my summer plans, but I yearn for home. You might be thinking, "But you were just there for spring break!" True, but there is something about living out of my closet/dresser vs. my suitcase, my mom scolding me for not putting my clean and perfectly ironed clothes away, and doing absolutely nothing during the summer that makes it feel like home. 

I am that kid that LOVES going home and being with family. I think my parents are cool and fun... and I miss them terribly when I'm at school. Hmm, this post started out discussing my spring cleaning and now it's about my homesickness... transition much? LOL. 

But ANYWAY, this will be the year that I do not pack up apartment stuff that I NEVER use and put it in storage for the summer... I will give it away... whether I give it to a friend or to the dumpster... I will be a pack-rat no more!! Maybe just a pack-mouse :) Baby steps people... Happy Sunday!

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  1. ugh getting rid of things in the home is so hard to do but once your done don't you just feel better? i hope your cleaning day went well.